A Six Minute Exercise to Be Successful


Teach this simple exercise to your children.

Have you ever heard the advice that if you want to be successful find someone who has already accomplished what you want to do and model what they did? Why reinvent the wheel!

Bob Proctor is featured in the movie The Secret.  He makes a living as a motivational speaker. He is living the life of his dreams.

This was not always the case. Back in 1961, he was making $4000 per year and says he owed $6000. In those days six thousand dollars was a lot of money! He said he rarely read books. A friend of his gave him a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. For some reason he read it. He recounts that the author says that if you can discover the secret contained in the book then it will change your life.

Basically, it boils down to deciding what you want and visualizing it to the extent that you already have it. Bob Proctor says to write what you desire on a small card that you carry with you in your pocket. Look at it numerous times a day until what you read is imprinted in your subconscious mind as being already received. When he started doing this he wrote that he wanted to earn $25,000 per year 5 years hence. He mentioned at the time he wrote this desire that he did not initial believe it would happen. But, as he read the inscription on the card on a daily basis it reframed his way of thinking. The message sunk into his mind.

Before long he was making more money than $25,000!

The question is, “What do you desire?”

“Would you take the time to write what you desire on a card and read it every day until you felt a “sense of knowing” that what you desire also desires you?”

You may consider picking up a copy of Think and Grow Rich. I promise you it is worth its weight in gold.


Best wishing on your success.

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