Combo Deal : The Idea Book, What Are My Goals, A Place for My Thoughts

$ 7.99

Get 3 books for the price of 2



Get 3 books for the price of 2

‘A Place for my Thoughts’ book is where boys can write and brainstorm what they want to be, do and have. They can also write down their goals from all that brainstorming. Keeping it all together in one place makes a lot of sense. These pages are ‘fillable’ so one can save them each month. Then one can start anew the next month! The sky is the limit! You can be, do and have whatever you can imagine. Enjoy!

“What are my goals…book” is meant to be used as means to help teach children how to make goals from all the brainstorming they did with ‘The Idea Book”. The free poster “The Six Steps to goal setting by Napoleon Hill” taken from ‘Think and Grow Rich’  is to be used as a guide to goal setting.

“The Idea Book” is designed for kids to ‘brainstorm’ ideas of what they want to be, do or have. They can write, doodle or scribble these ideas! The pages are ‘fillable’ so they can ‘brainstorm’ using a computer or download them to have a hard copy. Enjoy!