Simple Ideas to Empower Kids

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Positive Word Affirmations for Kids
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A Simple Idea to Empower Kids
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9 Ways to Empower Tweens
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The Author

Kathleen Boucher is a registered nurse, children’s book author, lifestyle coach, avid reader, writer and advocate of empowering children to help them make good choices in their lives. She is passionate about teaching children to believe in themselves and motivating them to do good things in the world. She has written several multi-award-winning books on empowering children. Kathleen’s books are available on,, on Chapters/Indigo, or click on the Shop Page.

9 Ways to Empower Tweens #LifeSkills recently received a 5-Star review from Indie Reader, is a finalist in the Best of Backlist category in the 2023 Feathered Quill Awards, and won 1st prize in the non-fiction category of The Incepere 2022 Awards from Entrada Publishing.

Kathleen’s Award-Winning Books on Amazon

Strong for hearts and minds.

Simple Ideas to Empower Kids
It doesn't take much to put an idea into a child's mind and it also doesn't take much to cause that child to lose the idea. Short, quick read books like this should be a staple in every kid's room so that he or she can pick it up and read it whenever they want. With the message that this book delivers, this is a book that should very much be read by or to a developing child as often as can be gotten away with. If you haven't picked up this book for your kid(s) yet, I strongly suggest that you do so.
- Tim Bradshaw

Great book for young children

Simple Ideas to Empower Kids
A Simple Idea - in truth the book is exactly that: simple. This book is aimed in young children in an attempt to inspire and motivate them to take their dreams seriously and, one day, make them come true. The message is delivered simply and appropriately given the target age. The best time to try and help develop a strong mental resolve is as early as possible, and this book does just that. It delivers the author's message in the span of a short, illustrated story that should hold even the most feisty child's attention. I got this book as something to read to my great-grandchildren when they come to visit and they liked it so much that I bought copies for each of them to have at home. Ms. Boucher just a great job in delivering her message of "dream it, try it, achieve it."
- Gertrude Olson

LOA for children

Simple Ideas to Empower Kids
I have been a believer in the Law of Attraction principles for quite some time. The idea that the things that we think about the most and that we really believe in, we will attract into our lives - good or bad. While many adults tend to find and embrace this wonderful knowledge, usually while at some spiritual crossroads, it doesn't have to be this way. Author Kathleen Boucher presents these great principles in a form that is aimed at children and I can't think of a better time to start thinking about what you want to attract into your life and build positive habits. Love, choice and belief are universal principles and Boucher's message to children through this amazing book is priceless.
- Soul