About the Author, Kathleen Boucher


My name is Kathleen Boucher. I am a registered nurse, certified stress & wellness consultant, certified lifestyle coach, children’s author, and Brand Partner of health & wellness products for the mind, hair and body. I live in Ontario, Canada. I love people, especially kids since I get to actively help them realize that there is ‘greatness’ in each one of them. When I was four years old I acquired polio. I was told I would never walk.  I  refused to believe it and defied the odds.  Honestly, learning to walk is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. It is my greatest accomplishment. I learned early in life that a person’s inner strength is always much stronger that what may happen to them in the ‘outside’ world. I am blessed with two grown children.

My goal has always been to do something that brought value to the entire world. It is my hope and intention that my recently published book- Nine Ways to Empower Tweens #LifeSkills brings out the best in tweens, parents and teachers. John F, Kennedy had the right idea when he said “Children are the World’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” Let us empower our kids to help them find their purpose and live their lives authentically doing something they love. Let us teach them early that they can do, be, or have anything they desire. The sky is the limit!

All the best,
Kathleen Boucher