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Great news! 9 Ways to Empower Tweens #LifeSkills received a 5 Star Review from Indie Reader.

More Greater News:

9 Ways to Empower Tweens #Lifeskills is a Finalist in the Best of Backlist category in the 2023 Feathered Quill Book Awards

9 Ways to Empower Tweens #Lifeskills won 1st prize in the Non-Fiction Category of The Incipere 2021 Awards from Entrada Publishing

Simple Ideas to Empower Kids

Kathleen Boucher is a registered nurse, children’s book author, lifestyle coach, avid reader, writer and advocate of empowering children to help them make good choices in their lives. She is passionate about teaching children to believe in themselves and motivating them to do good things in the world. She¬†has written several books on this topic, which are available for purchase on our Shop Page as well as, and Chapters/Indigo.