Kids + Gratitude = Magic


By Kathleen Boucher


Have you ever lain in bed at night wondering what kind of future your kids will have with a world gone hay-wire? Will your kids be successful? Will they have enough money, clean air or clean water? Will they be able to afford housing, schooling and own their own car? Will they live their unique purpose? Will they be happy? No wonder you may have sleepless nights? Is your child being bullied, are they overweight, too skinny, too shy, too loud, overly quiet, can’t focus, focuses too much…or a myriad of countless things that cause you or they, to worry?


How may you shift your child’s focus from what is wrong, to what is right in their lives? How may you empower your child to attract all the good that he, or she deserves? What if you keep it so simple that it takes only three to four minutes a day for your child to do? Would that be worth something to you? Absolutely! Because the truth is, at the end of the day you want to know you have done a great job as a parent, teacher or caregiver! However, your time and energy are not bottomless. So, it makes sense for your child to develop a habit, a system that gives you both the best bang for your time. Do you have an idea of what this power is? I made reference to it in the title.


What I am talking about is the power of gratitude. I wish my parents had taught me the power of gratitude when I was little! Have you already taught your child to get up in the morning, look at themselves in the mirror and state what they are grateful for? Yes, no, maybe? To start off with, you can make it into a game, until it becomes a habit. You can do it together! You can laugh out loud, dance around the room, play music as you and your child chant what you’re both grateful for. Live in the present moment!


If you don’t believe me that gratitude is powerful, let’s do this simple experiment. Put a post-it note or a smiley face on your bathroom mirror. This is a trigger to remind your child, or you to take three to four minutes each morning, to say what you’re grateful for! Have your kids practice this with you the first time. This is meant to benefit both of you. They will follow your lead. I have no doubt they will think you are silly, even as they smile. Remember, what you focus on you attract. Kids + gratitude = magic of attracting all the good they deserve.


Does it not make sense to empower your child with skills they may use for the rest of their life? Totally! Have fun with this! Know you are doing the best job you can as a parent, teacher or caregiver! Because, when your kids learn to be grateful for all that they are and have in the present moment… seemingly magical moments are attracted to them. With each new success, your child’s confidence grows and with it, the knowledge of how powerful gratitude really is!


Wishing you and your kids all the success you desire!




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