Marketing a Book is as Important as Writing It

This article has some simple suggestions to help your child write a book, get it self-published and market it.

Teach children to always trust their intuition. If they want to write a book encourage them to do so.

Here are a few tips to assist them to write a book.

  • Write every day.
  • Don’t edit. Just keep writing every day. Editing comes later.
  • The first draft is never the final draft.
  • Be aware of how many pages similar books have.
  • Know your audience.
  • Solve a problem or fill a need.
  • Don’t solve the problem right away.
  • Surprise your audience.
  • Make the ending memorable.
  • The ending may lead to a second book. (How is that for thinking big?!)

Here are a few strategies to assist in self-publishing a book.

  1. Research self-publishers. Contact more than one of them. Never self-publish unless the manuscript is free of spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes.
  2. Invest in a fabulous cover. Readers pick up the book based on the cover.
  3. Invest in an editor to proofread the manuscript. Readers will stop reading if there are numerous mistakes in the book. (I know I am repeating myself. This advice is important).
  4. Consider self-publishing in different formats. ie e-book, paperback or hardcover.
  5. Have a budget.

Once the book is self-published then the work begins! Marketing a book is as important as writing it. In no one knows that you’ve written a wonderful book than how can they purchase it?! Marketing takes time. It is something that you do on an ongoing basis.

Ways to market a book.

  • Social media-Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin
  • Schools
  • Book signings
  • Book funnels (book funnels cost money)
  • Book reviews (most cost money, sometimes you can win free reviews)
  • Contests (these cost money)
  • Goodreads (contests on Goodreads cost money)

Is this information helpful?

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