Parents: Teach Kids This Effective Prosperity Strategy

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could teach kids prosperity strategies that they may use for the rest of their lives? Below is an article that was written by Marilyn Jenett. She is the author of Feel Free to Prosper, Two Weeks to Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available.  The article talks about an adult student. Yet, it is so simple to put into practice that kids can use it as well!  How amazing is that?

By Marilyn Jenett

Always Assume the Door is Open

One of the most important lessons I teach my prosperity students is to never assume a door is closed based on outer appearances. Stated in the positive, always assume the door is open.

One of my private students had a wonderful example of this. Barbara is an attorney but instead of continuing to practice law, she chose to work in attorney placement (recruiting).

She had a perfect candidate for a certain type of law firm and everything seemed to be completely synchronistic until the day she called to set up the appointment for her candidate’s interview. When she called, the firm informed her that they had decided to use another recruiting firm.

I explained to her that she must never assume that the door is closed — that anything can happen and she should not be “hypnotized” by appearances. Always leave the door open in your consciousness. Don’t assume a result is final.

Well, only a week went by and the firm called her to tell her that the other recruiting firm didn’t work out after all, so they were still looking and needed her services. She called her candidate to make sure he was still available, and found out that he was. But again, when she called to arrange the interview, the firm thanked her but told her they had just hired an attorney to fill the position. She congratulated the client and told him to feel free to call her in the future if they needed her help.

She was disappointed but I reminded her again to always assume that the door is open. She bounced back.

A few days went by, and the client called her again. Apparently the attorney they hired did not accept the position after all.

By this time, she had come up with two perfect candidates for the firm and after all that had transpired, the preferred scenario would be for the client to decide which candidate to hire.

I was delighted when Barbara told me that she had consummated the placement for that firm. Delighted, but not surprised.

So you see, we must never consider an opportunity “lost” or gone. Based on our faith in the divine order of things, the Universe will create all manner of adjustments to bring to us what is rightfully ours. And often there must be adjustments in circumstances and timing to allow all of the right elements to come together in a situation.

The secret is to relax and trust.

It can make a profound difference in your ability to manifest.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose from assuming that the door is open. You are in fact putting your trust in the divine instead of your own preconceived imaginings.

But you have everything to lose if you push the door closed while it may just be ajar.

Marilyn Jenett, from her book, Feel Free to Prosper: Two Weeks to Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available, Penguin Random House


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