What Are Your New Year Resolutions?

By Kathleen Boucher

Are you enjoying the holidays? Did you catch up with family and friends? Are you filled to bursting after eating rich food, chocolate, cookies, turkey, ham, or eggnog? Are you afraid to step on the scales for fear that your weight may have expanded by an extra eight or nine pounds? Me, too! Don’t worry! As long as your clothes fit the same you should be okay. Or, are you craving some alone time to snuggle on the sofa with the novel that was given to you December 25th?

Now that Christmas is over have you given some thought to what you want to accomplish in the New Year? Have you made a list of New Year resolutions? It is always best to write them down and put them in a place that you can see your goals on a daily basis. What!? It’s too soon to be thinking of New Year Resolutions, you say?! I beg to differ. Please hear me out.

You always start with the best of intentions when you write out your New Year resolutions. You may decide to shed a few pounds, make some extra money to pay off your credit cards or save some money to go on vacation. You may change vocations  and go back to school or rise up in the ranks in your corporation. Regardless, the common denominator is that you want to be happy. What if I could direct you to a book that would give you the science behind money, prosperity and happiness? Would that be worth looking into?

The book will be available for order as of January 31st, 2017. This will give you some extra time to think about and write out your New Year Resolutions.


 It is called NeuroWisdom: The New Brain Science of Money, Happiness, and Success – written by Mark Robert Waldman (Author), Chris Manning PhD (Author)


This is a short description of the book  on amazon.ca and amazon.com:


“Adapted from a business school course they created for professionals, bestselling author Mark Waldman and Chris Manning present simple brain exercises, based on the latest neuroscience research, to guide readers to improvement in all parts of life, from work to home, from how we think to how we feel.

Their promise is to help people create more “wealth” in their lives, defined as the combination of money, happiness, and success. Using the latest research studied by two experts in their field, the book presents both the scientific background and sets of “NeuroWisdom” exercises that will help people reduce neurological stress and increase happiness, motivation, and productivity. The “worry” centers of the brain are turned off and the optimism circuits are turned on. Work becomes more pleasurable and creativity is increased, enabling the brain to anticipate and solve problems more efficiently.

From the cutting edge of brain science to real-world solutions, these exercises help readers gain the wisdom that leads to greater fulfillment.”¹


Doesn’t this sound like the perfect book to start your year off right? The beauty of learning new strategies to be happy, successful and prosperous is that you can teach them to your kids. How satisfying is that?!

Wishing you a great start to 2017!




  1. NeuroWisdom: The New Brain Science of Money, Happiness, and Success by Mark Robert Waldman and Christ Manning PhD, January 31st, 2017






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