Does Going to University or College=Job Security?

By Kathleen Boucher

Every parent throughout history wants a better life for their children. The question is, “If children go to college or university does it ensure that they will have a job when they graduate?” The answer to this question depends on what they take in university or college and the job market when they graduate.

Here are 4 steps to consider to help children make a living and enjoy doing so:

Step 1: Discover what children love to do even if no one else has done it before. Google aptitude tests online. There are a lot of free ones. Or go to a guidance counselor and get some advice.

Step 2: Let’s say that children pick a career path that they want to take in college or university. Before they sign up for their courses have them do the research that shows their chances of having a job once they’ve completed their lessons. If there is no job available 3-4 years down the road then have them pick something else.

Step 3:  Have children look for things that can be improved upon. Companies will pay royalties to inventors that come up with ways to improve their products. Often times these ideas come from people outside of the companies that may profit the most.

Step 4: Teach children to look for ways that they can make income while they sleep. Teach them what it means to have residual income.

The fastest ways to know if your child will have a job coming out of university or college is to do some research first. What job market is going to in demand in the future? Combine what they love to do with what is needed.  They may never be out of work.

The world is constantly changing. Encourage them to do something that they are exceptional at. The world will be a better place because of it.

The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy. — Malcolm Forbes


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