More Valuable Than Gold!

By Kathleen Boucher

What has been around since the earth began, has equal power to destroy as well as replenish? What is more valuable than gold; to a man in a desert? You may often take it for granted. That is, until it is in short supply. Industries capitalize on it as a means to make money. People walk miles to obtain it. What is it? It’s our most valuable resource: clean, fresh pure water! Have you ever given thought to the fact that the water that’s on earth right now is the same water that’s been on earth since the beginning of time? Nature has a perfect recycling system. What may be altered is the quality of water from past to present. What kind of legacy are you leaving your children in regards to water? Will they be angry that this generation didn’t take immediate responsibility for the care of earth’s water? Will they be angry that they will one day assume ownership of generations of neglect? Most likely!

Every generation, loves to cast blame on the one before. When is the best time to start to conserve and preserve our lakes, rivers and oceans? And who is ultimately responsible for initiating a change to safe guard our most valuable resource? Is it the government, the people with the most money, your country, state or province? Are you feeling overwhelmed with every day responsibilities? Never belittle your power as an individual to initiate change. Never underestimate the power of one idea combined with a mastermind group that takes action!

Are the cleaners you use daily replenishing water or contaminating the water supply?

Wouldn’t that be a tremendous money making idea if you came up with cleaners that also cleaned and de-contaminated water! Instant Gazillionaire!

Imagine that by using cleaning products that are good for nature and water you are standing firm in your resolve to affect change. Now imagine the impact if everyone only purchased and used products that supported and cleansed water? How hard could it be? If there are those brilliant enough to send astronauts into space then it’s reasonable to assume there are those smart enough to solve the world’s water concerns! You are more powerful than you realize!!

Do you believe you have a basic right to access clean uncontaminated water? Do you feel this right should extend to everyone around the world? Absolutely!


Water is life, and clean water means health.

Audrey Hepburn


Have you ever heard of CAWST?  This description is taken from their website.


‘CAWST is a Canadian charity and licensed engineering firm. We address the global need for safe drinking water and sanitation by building local knowledge and skills on household solutions people can implement themselves. We were founded in 2001.’

CAWST was named one of the top 25 charities in Canada by the Financial Post.

One way for people to learn more about CAWST and water issues worldwide is to follow their blog at

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