Fake It Before You Make It!

Allowing the Universe to Give You What You Want.


By Kathleen Boucher


Have you ever read or heard about the law of attraction? Do you know and understand, that you are always attracting what you think about and what you say? Do you know of colleagues, friends, or neighbors, who always seem to attract bad luck? “I have a black cloud over my head.” “I knew this was going to happen!” On the other hand, do you know of people who seem to have a horse shoe up their a..? Everything they touch seems to turn to gold? Have you ever watched the movie, “The Secret”? There is a gentleman in it who visualizes big fat cheques coming to him in his mailbox. Another thing he does, is know that each time he needs a parking spot he gets one! How cool is that? Imagine, if you live in a city that has no parking and each time you went somewhere you knew there would be a parking spot available. Try it! I have….. it works!


Let’s do an experiment, just for fun. Let’s say you need to pay $500 for a bill you did not expect. You are concerned because you have no clue where you are going to get the money. Focus on how you are feeling when you are stressed about not having the money. Why do this? Because, you have to be able to recognize this stressed feeling about not having enough money, to be able to change it. Now, stop! Shift this feeling by affirming, “I am letting go and allowing money to easily flow into my life, right now!” Dance around the room, laugh out loud and recall a moment in time that made you jump for joy. Tag the feeling of being joyful to imagining money flowing to you! You have just raised your vibration and this is what the universe responds to. It responds to your feelings. So if you want to be wealthy, feel wealthy first. “Easier said than done!” you say? Absolutely! You are correct that this is simple in theory, harder to implement in reality, because feelings are involved. However, if you can grasp this concept then you may never feel, or be poor again. So, fake it before you make it! Feel wealthy now!


How do you do this? Well, you can make a vision board of all the things you are looking forward to when you design the life of your dreams. Keep the vision board in a place where you can see it daily. Know in your heart it is speeding to you! Expect it but do not stress about it. Allow it to happen. Know it is on its way. Be aware of serendipitous events that come into your life. Follow your intuition. If you feel compelled to do something, do it.


Imagine that you receive the money and some extra, from an unexpected source. You see, it is not your job to know where the money is coming from. This is the universe’s job. It is your job to expect the money and be grateful for having received it, before you receive it. You do this by raising your vibration, by how you feel. A lot of people feel stuck when they say “I am wealthy now.” Why? Because they simply do not feel wealthy when they say it! They feel like they are lying. On the other hand, when they say, “I am allowing money to flow easily into my life, right now!” The sense of “allowing” may feel more right. Allowing something to happen seems truthful. Try it! It does not cost a penny to do so. This simple shift of affirming on a daily basis, “I am allowing money to flow easily into my life, right now!” and the feeling you now have of being wealthy, is priceless. You have the power to change your life. Remember to follow any intuition that comes to you. Take massive action when you discover opportunities or help from people unexpectedly. Taking massive action is key to following through and helping the universe assist you.


Never let anyone steal your dreams! Never stop believing in yourself, or your dreams, until you have achieved them. Live with gratitude. Live with the knowledge that you can have, be, and do whatever you can imagine, as long as you play by the universe’s rules and never harm another person. Raise your vibration and allow the universe to give you what you ask for. Receive it with open arms.


Fake it before you make it!


Wishing you great happiness and success in all that you do!




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