Parents: Help Kids Hear The Earth’s Call

Believe in the power of one. All it takes is the passion of one person to affect change. Just as a stone creates a ripple in the water when it skips so does the effect of like-minded people who want to change the world for the better.

Greta Thunberg is a Nobel Prize 2019 Nominee for initiating a global movement to fight climate change. Boyan Slat (CEO of The Ocean Cleanup) has created an Ocean Cleanup Array to remove 750,000 tons of plastic waste from the ocean. Among these influential people is Peter Baker. Who is Peter Baker? You may not have heard of him, yet. One day his name will be a household word. He is a best-selling children’s author who has a deep desire to help people of all ages change the world for the better. His gift is his ability to capture the attention of young and old through his enchanting, whimsical storytelling.

I believe Disney will make a series of movies from his books! Why am I so sure? Peter told me that he has at least fifty characters he wants to write about. His imagination is pure genius. So, there will definitely be more books written. How fantastic is that!

His first book was launched April 22nd is called Earth’s Call, Book One, Journey to Paradise. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Here is an excerpt on

“A wonderful adventure for all ages…Beautiful Illustrations by accomplished Finnish artist Tuire Siiriainen…. Fly mysterious, magical rainbows with Biff the hippest beach-boy squirrel, Ululani the breathtakingly beautiful hula-dancing beach squirrel, and their Bula Bula Buddies to the mystical Shangri-La paradise of
Kaimana. Here you’ll mingle with fellow sea, land and air travelers from places far and wide and discuss the growing concerns and climate issues our precious Earth faces today. Cheer as Critters inspire Humans to take action, and follow the friendship of Biff and Ululani as they prepare for what will be life’s biggest challenge… Let the journey begin!
Adventure, romance, comedy, and a beautiful world await the reader in this first book in a new whimsical middle grade series about a group of fascinating Critters who heed the Earth’s call to teach and inspire Humans to stop and reverse their harmful treatment of life. Readers will fall in love with characters both Critter and Human while being educated and inspired to help prevent the climate problems affecting all life today.”

Reading this book with your kids is a great way to discuss how you can make small changes to save the planet. Never doubt how powerful you and your children are. It starts with one idea, one person, then two people, and cascades to towns, cities, states, countries, and continents.

Purchase Earth’s Call, Book One, Journey to Paradise and read it with your kids, today! Give them the opportunity to hear the Earth’s Call. There is no greater gift.


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