“Ten Ways To Help Children to Have Clean Water in the Future”

by Kathleen Boucher

Do you ever worry that you’ll run out of drinkable water? Or do you live in an area where water is plentiful and never scarce? Are you concerned that there is too much pollution in streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. After all isn’t water: life? What does the future hold for your children? Will they have to live their lives worried where their water comes from?
The problem is that people are paying bills, working hard and saving money. They give little or no thought to the ocean or what is happening locally to the watershed or abroad. It is as if they are asleep. Governments aren’t creating alarm and urgency to this municipal, provincial, state, and countries’ problem. The question is, “Why aren’t governments creating urgency among its citizens?” Are they asleep, too? Isn’t this everyone’s problem?

Here are ten ways to help children have clean water in the future.

  1. Boycott products with micro-beads in them. Do a Google search on what products contain micro-beads.
  2. Lobby to have companies minimize the amount of plastic they use in packaging.
  3. Stop your community from putting plastic in the watershed.
  4. Help your community clean up the watershed, rivers, streams, and coastlines.
  5. Be mindful of what you pour down your drain. Research what substances are caustic and how to dispose of them properly.
  6. Support upgrades to your community waste water management.
  7. Support educational initiatives teaching about preserving our ecosystem.
  8. Help find ways to recycle existing plastic to everyday uses. Ex. replacing asphalt.
  9. Use reusable bags when you buy your groceries.
  10. Boycott the use of single use plastic bags.

Isn’t it time to create change to the status-quo and come together as a nation and help heal our lakes and ocean? Where do you begin?

Begin in your community. Change policy about how you use plastic. Be proactive in preventing plastic from getting into the water. Support those who work to get plastic out of the water.

Imagine that you go on vacation with your children. You walk along a beach free of plastic and garbage because you’ve created discussion and awareness to pollution in the water. In the future when you drink a cool glass of cold water you know it’s possible because you take action today. How powerful do you feel? Very powerful, right?!

Let’s be part of the solution. Let’s leave a legacy for your children. They will be forever grateful!


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